Welcome to the UMass protein crystallography home page!

This page is the home page for the research groups headed by Scott Garman, and Jeanne Hardy. The groups share a common interest in structural biology, including X-ray crystallographic techniques. Our labs used to be located on the 10th floor of Lederle Tower, along with the X-ray diffraction facility, but now we are on the 12th and 7th floors of LGRT, respectively.

If you are looking for the home page of the UMass X-ray diffraction facility, you can find it here.

Scott Garman's home page is here, and Jeanne Hardy's is here.

Training in Macromolecular Crystallography

We offer a journal club every spring, Biochem 695a. In addition, we occasionally offer an intensive course in hands-on X-ray diffraction in January. In this hands-on course, up to 12 participants learn how to crystallize proteins, measure diffraction data and place atomic models into electron density. The lecture notes are available as pdf files (1, 2) and online slideshow (1,2), and are indexed on a site map. Recordings of two shorter guest lectures on crystallography (given by Karsten Theis for Chem791a, Biomolecular structure) are also available (1, 2).

The home page of the Crystallography Journal Club (BMB 695a, Methods in Macromolecular Crystallography) is here.

Group Meeting

As of the Spring 2016 semester, group meetings are Wednesdays at 9 am in LGRT 745E. If you have a conflict with your presentation date, it is your responsibility to switch with someone else. In September 2014, the joint group meeting expanded to include Profs. Sarah Perry, Sergey Savinov, and Jim Staros. In September 2015 we expanded again to include Prof. Meg Stratton.

Group Meeting Presenter
27 Jan 2016
  Derrick D.
3 Feb 2016   Kevin D.
10 Feb 2016   no meeting
17 Feb 2016   Shuo S.
24 Feb 2016   Maureen H.
2 Mar 2016   Di H.
9 Mar 2016   Scott E.
16 Mar 2016   Meg S.
23 Mar 2016   Bay S.
30 Mar 2016   Matt M.
6 Apr  2016   Derek M.
13 Apr 2016   Thomas S.
20 Apr 2016   Penchala
27 Apr 2016   Alesia V.
4 May 2016   Mierzhati M.
11 May 2016   Francesca A.
18 May 2016   Cameron B.
25 May 2016   Sergey S.
1 Jun 2016   Yifei P.
8 Jun 2016   Ishankumar S.
15 Jun 2016   Derrick D.
22 Jun 2016   Kevin D.

Email Contact Info :

PIs: Scott (email), Jeanne (email), Sarah (email), Sergey (email), Jim (email), Meg (email)

Full Time lab members: Matt (email), Scott E. (email), Kevin (email), Bay (email), Derek M. (email), Maureen (email), Derrick D. (email), Di (email), Thomas (email), Cameron (email), Penchala (email), Francesca A. (email), Yifei P. (email), Ishankumar S. (email), Shuo S. (email)

Rotation Students:

Undergraduates: Jacob, Sachita, Alesia, Zollie, Allison, Mierzhati, Kirk, Kyle, Liz

(updated Feb 2016)