Suggested textbooks and other recommended reading


  1. Protein Crystallization
    Techniques, Strategies, and Tips
    A Laboratory Manual

    Terese Bergfors, Editor
    International University Line, La Jolla USA
    1999, 300 pages
  2. Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules, 2nd ed.
    Alexander McPherson
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press,
    1998, 586 pages

X-ray diffraction

  1. Crystallography made Crystal Clear, 2nd ed.
    Gale Rhodes
    Academic Press
    2000, 269 pages
  2. Outline of Crystallography for Biologists
    David Blow
    Oxford University Press, USA
    2002, 300 pages
  3. Principles of Protein X-ray Crystallography, 2nd ed.
    Jan Drenth
    Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag,
    1999, 341 pages
  4. Fundamentals of Crystallography, 2nd ed.
    C. Giacovazzo, ed.
    Oxford University Press, USA
    2002, 768 pages

Protein structure and function

  1. Introduction to Protein Structure, 2nd ed.
    Branden and Tooze
    Garland; 2 edition
    1999, 410 pages
  2. Protein Structure and Function
    Gregory A Petsko and Dagmar Ringe
    New Science Press
    2003, 195 pages
  3. Proteins: Structures and Molecular Properties, 2nd ed.
    by Thomas E. Creighton
    W. H. Freeman
    1992, 512 pages